Camp fee and reductions

Camp fee: The camp fee of CHF 900 covers the entire FYSA holiday camp. Exceptions are Swiss Trips and special camps for which a camp fee of 950 CHF will be charged. There are no additional costs during the camps. The costs for the journey to and from Switzerland are at the parent’s expense. If an unaccompanied child is requested to be picked up or brought to Zurich Airport (ZRH) or to Zurich Airport Railway Station by a camp leader, an amount of CHF 50 per pick-up service will be charged.

The costs of the camps can also be found on the respective registration forms under the heading: Our Forthcoming Camps.

Reductions: The Foundation for Young Swiss Abroad is committed to ensuring that no young Swiss Abroad misses out on the opportunity to visit a camp in Switzerland due to lack of funds. At least once during his childhood, every child who would like to do so, should have the possibility to participate in a camp of the Foundation for Young Swiss Abroad. In justifiable cases we therefore offer to reduce the camp costs or (for children from particularly far off countries) even contribute to the travel costs. You can download the reduction form here or order it directely with your camp registration.

 Insurance: Children are insured against accidents in the camps (Europeans only subsidiarily). Costs incurred by sickness or damage to property are covered by the participant’s own health or liability insurance. We therefore recommend you to arrange with your travel agency a suitable international insurance.