About us

Just under 760,000 Swiss citizens are currently living in another country, either temporarily or for a longer period. The number of Swiss citizens living abroad has risen consistently over the past 10 years, although it is certainly not a new phenomenon. The holiday camps run by the Foundation for Young Swiss Abroad (FYSA) have a long history.

The Foundation was created in 1917 in order to allow Swiss children living in disaster-torn areas abroad to spend a couple of weeks relaxing with host families in a tranquil setting. The first holiday camps were organised in the 1960s, when the Foundation was still known as Schwiss Aid. We changed to the current name in 1979. The registered charity is still popular today. At our holiday camps, the whole world comes together under one roof for a brief time.

The Foundation for Young Swiss Abroad

  • is a registered Swiss charity that offers Swiss children living abroad the opportunity to have a holiday in their home country, irrespective of their financial circumstances, thereby creating strong links with Switzerland.
  • is an organisation that brings together Swiss children from all seven continents, allowing them to form new friendships and ties. The organisation promotes mutual understanding and support that transcends cultural and linguistic barriers.
  • provides help for Swiss children living in areas affected by natural disasters and conflict.

Organisational structure

The Foundation is made up of several cantonal committees. The committees organise annual fundraising events: these are our primary source of funding. The cantonal committees are constantly on the lookout for enthusiastic volunteers. If you are interested in volunteering to help Swiss children living abroad, please get in touch.

The Foundation Board has eight members who meet four times a year. One Foundation Board meeting each year is open to the public.

Foundation Board Members:

back, from left to right: Marco Krebs, Michael Baumgartner, Philippe Vuillemin (president), Francine Asmis, Robert Reich

front, from left to right: Monique Zerobin, Simone Riner, Catherine Bolens

Administrative office

The administrative office organises and manages the summer camps. We have three dedicated and experienced staff (2 FTEs) who do everything from contacting parents and recruiting camp leaders and camp staff to keeping the accounts and organising supplies.